Other Industries

SFE also caters to other industries such as Aluminium, Petroleum and Textile etc.

The following jobs are covered in general:

  • Stacker re-claimer installation
  • Ball mill installation
  • Erection of pre de-silication plants
  • Erection of digesters
  • Fabrication of settler washers & milk of lime tanks
  • Erection of security & seed filtration plants
  • Erection of precipitation and calcination plants
  • Equipment erection
  • Fabrication and erection of all kinds of piping
  • Complete electrical,  instrumentation and automation jobs
  • Erection of fume treatment plant
  • Complete erection of effluent and water treatment plants
  • Erection of electro static precipitator 
  • Fabrication of conical with scalloped cone tanks
  • Fabrication of jack up tanks with fixed/ floating roof
  • Fabrication of square & round ducts
  • Fabrication of beams & columns from rolled section
  • Fabrication of built up beams